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If you have a degree from overseas, do not waste your money with this company. They will reduce your semester units which will make evaluated transcript and degree worthless. Once you inquire about their review process, they tell you that to find out you will need to send in your papers and pay for the actual review. But as soon as they get your money, any inquiries and complaints you may have... Read more

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Not even get one star from me. They take money first then try to require *** stuff, no sense. No refund. I have high school degree, they ask me a book to show I attent at highschool.16 years ago. I try get back transcripts all 3 years at school to show them ... the content is sinilar from.the book they require. But because their business work with no experiences, no knowledge and no valuable. So... Read more

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  • IERF
  • Dec 26, 2015
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terrible communication impossible. they keep asking more and more documents and originals. results of the evaluayion after 70 days of submissions and not either translated in American equivalent. very disappointed wasted lot of money(300$) and lot of time Add comment

I am thankful for having found this website... It makes me feel like I am not the only one and is a source of comfort. I am so tired of this process and their service is so poor. I have been extremely patient with this process but it has been a constant matter of grievance for me so far. It is clear on their website that their process is simply an evaluation of my academic background – their... Read more

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I don't recommend letting IERF handle your documents. They are inefficient, rude and unconcerned. They were not able to evaluate my PhD (from a Canadian university!) and they blamed me for that. It was impossible to reach them on the phone, but they contacted me right away when I asked for a refund. I NEVER got my money back and they never did the work they were paid for. I would have lost my job... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • IERF
  • Sep 28, 2015
  • #707171

The worse institution that I delt with. Ever!!! Total scam, the worse customer service. I lost my documents and my money with them. Add comment

I have 20 years experience. The most credible UKGB qualifications and the IERF did not have a clue. It resulted in my having to test again as an Esthetician, where the Tester, as they informed me that I had passed stated. 'There is no dignity in our testing you, you clearly are more experienced and qualified than any individual we have ever met. I avoid this company at all costs. I believe... Read more

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FRAUDULENT AND INCOMPETENT I made the unfortunate decision early this year to use this company to evaluate my physical therapy education from Nigeria. Despite the fact that I was already working as a physical therapist in the U.S. and just needed the verification to relocate to another state – I was told so many different versions of stories by IERF, ranging from “how they couldn’t recommend... Read more

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International Education Research Foundation? THE ONLY THING THIS COMPANY IS EDUCATED IN IS SCAMMING! Background: IERF was used to evaluate credentials for my mother who received her training in physical therapy at the University of Ibadan, Nigeria, and her Masters at the University of Indianapolis. She has been working for one of the top Health Organizations in the country for more than 15 years.... Read more

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I decided to use IERF to have my degree from a university in Spain evaluated. The program is for American teachers so all the official transcripts are sent in English. I sent all my official documents to IERF and was told that I needed to request the transcripts in Spanish and then translate them into English before they could complete the evaluation. As a professional teacher with over 8 years... Read more

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