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they lost everything I earned in my life (my degrees my diploma) in the mail.. and they think they are not responsible.. no refund no apology no effort to locate. you don't need to work with such institution.. terrible terrible people.. terrible terrible company.. should not even be in the business.. do not send anything for evaluation.. those things have no value to this company...

All I received was an e mail stating thay they received my application. i have not received any e mail that results was sent to me... I had to call several times to find out that it was sent to me and I haven't receive it..

so I have lost everything I worked for in my youth.. do not trust them...

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They lost part (!) of my documents, only half of them came back! Very poor service attitude. No chance to talk to anybody.


commuication is the key

they do not communicate..

they still have the copies of everything they have lost. and they don't bother to send even those to me.. do not trust them.


Oooh yeah another company blaming USPS :upset

Boardman, Oregon, United States #169991

Why will they be resposible for something lost in the mail? They're IERF right not USPS... ;)

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